Saturday, November 12, 2011

What's been done so far

Performance improvements

Under the hood, Narro's core is actually the translation memory concept.
If you're not into programming, imagine yourself listening to hundreds of users talking in 80 different languages and trying to relate everything to English.
If you're in programming, imagine 80 texts longer than 255 characters for each English text stored in a database.
It's a continuous challenge.


Getting feedback is important, but gathering feedback is more important. Sure you can have everyone post their worries and wishes on a list, but building on that is a separate task that you need to do before you can act on it.
Arki did a fantastic job getting that done and that helped a lot.


I'm not a fan of reading documentation in general, I'd rather just browse it. Jeff wrote the Narro wiki page on Mdn.

UI improvements

Translate and reviewing (proofreading) are separate actions with separate UIs
Everything needed to work with a Mozilla repository is bundled in a plugin.
UI improvements
Work with several texts as once, scroll as much as you need to have a clear picture of what you're working with.

Core improvements

HTML support.
SVN and Mercurial commit support.


The current server is slow. So slow that sometimes I can't connect through SSH. There's a plan to move Narro to another server, waiting for a bug to review security.

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