Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Facebook's translation app

Just had a look at Facebook's translation app. It has some good ideas that should be implemented in Narro:

  • big numbers about your progress, e.g. added translations and votes; definitely stimulating
  • click on the other translation suggestions to copy them in the translation box
  • good way of using placeholders; really descriptive texts inside them rather than %S or %$1S; but this is determined by the developers that create them
  • glossary right under the translation box
  • definitely appreciate the fact that they manage to squeeze the translation app in the middle of the page; good design

Not so great ideas imho:
  • the text comment is placed under the text to translate; although greyed out, I think it may lead to confusion on what to translate, the text or the comment
  • vote / translate switch; clicking on translate hides the suggestion list and shows the translation box only

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