Saturday, November 19, 2011

New look based on jQuery themes

Since I'm not that fond of designing, I'd rather use someone else's work if possible, so I changed most of Narro's UI to use native jQuery UI elements so that you can apply any jQuery UI theme to change Narro's look.

What you see above is the redmond theme, currently users can't change the theme, but that would be a nice feature to have.

Have a look at the other jQuery themes if you don't like the above ones.


nrowe said...

How do I switch off the function where it loads more when I get to the end of the page? The option in preferences does not work.

If too much is loaded it slows the interface down, and sometimes it loads more translation strings and skips ahead a few pages, losing my place.

Alexandru Szasz said...

The preference should work, if not let me know the url of the Narro installation you're using and I'll check it out.