Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Beta 1 results

Beta 1 got some brave users who tried to install Narro on their own machines. Luckily they gave feedback too, so a first set of problems are set to be fixed in Beta 2.

The most obvious was the lack of support for system calls through php, so in Beta 2, the exec function will be replaced everywhere with php code.

If the proc_open function is disabled as well, instead of having the project import in the background with a nice progress bar, you'll have to wait for a page to finish loading, as usual on the web. Or import through the command line.

Some other bugs were fixed, I'm really really trying not to add more features to speed up a 1.0 stable release.

I had a few minutes to try my drawing skills and I have now a Narro logo, slogan and a cute favicon.

So, people hold on. For Beta 2.

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