Monday, July 14, 2008

And we're off. Narro version 0.9.1

It's about time. To launch a version that everybody can easily use. This is no beta. This is Narro 0.9.1. I gave up on beta 2 because I really don't have a QA team to justify beta releases. So I'd rather release often.

Finally, Narro supports a different number of plural forms than the source language (usually english). Better yet, on import, based on the language's known plural forms, the correct number of plural forms are created even if they don't exist in the translations to import. This gives you extra quality. The PO header is filled with the last revision date set as the export date from Narro, the translator's name and email address from Narro, the correct plural form declaration, the language name and the project id if it's not defined. So you'll get a beautiful PO on export.

There are numerous other things that were added and fixed. Feel free to browse the checkin log.

I was thinking of adding some screencasts, but I'd have to upload some large videos because I'd need at least 800x600 so that you could notice something. So please visit to see Narro in action.

To install Narro, download it, unpack it in your webroot directory and follow the instructions from the INSTALL file. If you succeed, please come back and post thoughts of joy. For frustrations and other issues, please use the narro-project google group.

Thanks to NGUYEN Manh Hung, Ehsan Akhgari, Huda Sarfraz, Adi Roiban and Jani Monoses for their help.

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