Thursday, March 27, 2008

Upcoming release

I've decided to stop adding new features and start setting things up for a first public release. This upcoming release will have:

- only support for mozilla projects and narro itself
- user and permissions management
- voting for suggestions, editing, deleting, validating
- file browsing
- searching
- import only through command line
- export via web and command line
- entities checking, punctuation checking
- probably some other things I've forgotten

There are several functionalities that are there but I just don't have time to test them for this release:

- gettext po support
- native sdf open office support
- spell checking
- single file export/import
- import via web

How about the future ? Here are some features from the future:

- languages list page with translation progress
- rss/email notifications when new untranslated texts are ready to be munched
- an api for interacting with other tools, such as transifex
- translation statistics for users and profile (user's quality, speed, volume, etc)

So stay tuned for the release announcement.

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