Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Endurance test

Although I designed Narro to work with only a pair of languages, I received some feedback that some languages, like spanish for example have various forms that would like to be used on the same translation site.

On the other hand, the romanian translators want to see how was the text translated in a few key languages, like french, spanish, italian.

So now Narro supports multiple languages. It took me some time to change all the code, mostly carefully search and replace.

Even so I would not recommend keeping all the languages in one instance, I just don't see the point in that, this is a tool that is supposed to help people who translate from one language to another, so displaying 100 languages isn't productive.

Mozilla is kind enough to offer me a playground, so feel free to test the progress.
I've imported Firefox 3 into 57 languages as an endurance test and the speed is still good. Of course if you install only a few languages that you need you'll have better performance.

You might want to register first. Since it's a playground, by registering you'll receive super powers like delete, edit and validation rights.

Don't take anything for granted, everything you put in there is not going to stay. An official installation will be available soon in case you want to use Narro to translate software in your language.

Stay tuned until I add the export button so you can see how easy it is to manage your locale.

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C├ędric said...

Thanks for your hard work Alexandru.