Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Access Keys

So I initially started on to work on the export/import operations. Although they were working great, the code was commentless and needed beautifying. During that time I went on and made some modifications to the database. I think I have now a solid database structure, so the first release will be soon.

Another thing that I've discovered is that people who want to help translating do not know what access keys are. Or if they know, they don't look in the menu to see if there's a conflict. So I decided to adopt a new approach on this topic. The access key for the original text and the access key for the translated text are now tied to the context. Selecting the access key is up to the person who validates a suggestion for a context. Regular users will not have to type in "M&ove" but just "Move".

Also, I've changed the voting system. Users now vote for a suggestion only for that context. It made no sense seeing that a suggestion had 10 votes but still someone validated the one with no votes because in that context it was more appropriate.

Until now I didn't care about showing the dtd comments or ini comments in Narro. But since in Mozilla, the context is quite small, I've decided to import the comments too as context comments. You can opt in to see them by pressing a button.

I haven't posted yet any code on svn as I'm still cleaning up and don't want to put a mess in there.

I'll have something there by the end of this week.

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