Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goodbye ZendFramework!

I was using ZendFramework for OpenID, Caching and Session handling. I had to keep ~700 files for this, which was too much, so I just removed this dependency and added a lightweight library for OpenID support, used QCubed file caching and standard session handling. Eventually this brought more speed and less files, so it's a good thing.

Also, as a bonus, you can now authenticate with your Google account as well. Authenticating with OpenID or Google leads to a pretty ugly user name, so that takes me to adding a real name property to users.

Revisited form states since I've seen many errors reported on that. If you leave the page open with a formstate for a while and come back and your session expired, then the form state is invalid. Previously this lead to an exception and a error message to the user. This was replaced by a javascript alert message and a redirection to the project list, so that the user can start again with minimum disruption.

Oh yes, and if you're wondering how Narro looks, just check this blog's background ;^)

Last but not least, I really appreciate the patience that people have in helping me to fix bugs and am glad that so many people find my work useful.


Stephen S Musoke said...

What library did you use of OpenID support?

What additional functionality does it provide over ZF or was it the number of files you were looking to reduce?

Would you recommend that library over ZF OpenID support?

Alexandru Szasz said...

I used for openid support.

Dropping ZendFramework brought a visible overall performance improvement in terms of speed.