Thursday, October 6, 2011

Followup on Mozilla access keys

So I've managed to somehow reduce the access key - label link to these cases for Firefox:

                '/^(.*)\.accesskey$/' => array('.label', '.message', '.title', '.button', 'placeholder', ''),
                '/^(.*)Access[kK]ey$/' => array('Label', 'Text', ''),
                '/^(.*)\.accessKey$/' => array('.label', '.message', '.title', ''),
                '/^(.*)\_accesskey$/' => array(''),
                '/^(.*)Accesskey$/' => array(''),
                '/^(.*)\.access$/' => array('', 'Button'),
                '/^accesskey\-(.*)$/' => array('button-')

There still are 79 command keys and 98 other one letter texts; some access keys some settings.

Translating 177 one letter texts is no fun, so there's still some work to do to on these.

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