Friday, July 29, 2011

A preview of the next version

There's been some heavy rewriting going on.

After you log in, you'll have all the permissions, so feel free to experiment, but with caution and expect failures.

You can pick your favourite Firefox extension, add a project from the project list and and use the xpi, as a source for texts and for translation (web link, or upload, whatever).

The speed is really improved and the translation process is really easier now. You just open the translation page, start translating and the translation is saved automatically as soon as you move to the next text. You can use the tab key to move forward.

Use scroll to load more texts. Or press the more button.


xdaiana said...

first of all, congratulations for the new version, it works WAY faster. What I definitely like about the new design is the fact that I have now a better overview while translating.
But there is one thing I don't really like: the fact that it saves automatically, without asking any explicit confirmation. It saved several times a half translated string because I might have pushed a wrong key and after that I had to search for that string in order to finish it. I would prefer a "Save" button instead of automatically save when leaving the text field.

Alexandru Szasz said...

I added a user preference for that, you can find it by clicking on your username, in the top right corner.