Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Works for me

There's a major release coming up, I can't say just yet if it will be 1.0, but that's where I'm heading at. You can see some progress in the image above.

I'm trying to simplify the user interface and the navigation. I'll introduce tabs where possible and remove options that are rarely used. I'm also working on introducing some basic functionalities that were missing so far, like deleting users and projects.

Better import and export is in the works as well, because it's still not working out of the box for everyone who installs Narro.

Once the existing functionality will be cleaned up, I'll address the most important issues from the issue tracker and bring out a release.

In conclusion, works for me is just not enough and works for everyone means just more work.


Lao Ubuntu Team said...

Waiting for new version :)

Anonymous said...

Any news on this new version ... the screenshot really wet our appetite!

Alexandru Szasz said...

Things move slow in the summer, there are too many distractions, but I'm slowly wrapping things up for this autumn.

Steve said...

OK, it's autumn, now! I'm working on installing the current version, and already looking forward to the next one!

Alexandre said...

You made a really great work with Narro. This tool is really helpful.

Impatient to discover the next release 1.x.


Andres Fuentes said...

first of all, congratulations, narro is a great tool. After that, sorry about my english :) and then, my cuestion:
I haven't found any way of exporting a non finished translation, taking the non translated strings from other language that doesn't be english. I would like to know if there is some way to do something like that (adding a * as the first character would be great!).


Anonymous said...


I created my account Bu i mistakely put the name in email fields & its creates the account without giving error

what to do now ?
I cant change it in prefernce.
I can change password or email

did i miss any step let me know

Thank you

Alexandru Szasz said...

@Anonimous: please contact me on my private email address alexxed / gmail.com with what Narro url are you using. You cannot change the username or email in version 0.9.4 in the application, you have to do it in the database if necessary or just create another Narro account.