Friday, February 27, 2009

Where is that link?

Working with Narro I have come to the conclusion that the Actions columns from the text lists was just eating up valuable space. So I dropped it. Now you have to click the translation cell to translate. This way I also had the chance to explain the colours that I use:
  • black means approved
  • blue means not approved and not your translation, but the most voted
  • green means still not approved but it's your translation
Feel free to give some feedback on this.

I also added Search by author. Sometimes I get a very good translator and I want to approve all of his suggestions. So now I just search for him using the texts list and either use mass approve or just do it old fashion, text by text.

Another hidden feature worth mentioning is that the translation page already has some access keys defined for keyboard fanatics. Here's the list:
  • Save - s
  • Save and ignore - i
  • Approve - v
  • Next - k
  • Next 100 - h
  • Previous 100 - l
  • Previous - j
  • Copy original - c
In Firefox you use Alt+Shift+letter above. Feedback is welcomed on this as well, but have in mind that I'm planning to make this keys customizable.

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