Thursday, February 5, 2009

More on mass aproval

I've been testing this feature on production for just a day and I can say "yes, it's very useful" already. For now, I use it like this:
  • I choose to see only texts that require approval
  • I click Mass approve
  • I choose which suggestions to approve
  • I save them all
I have 20 texts per page. I never could approve 20 at once because some of them don't have suggestions, are too long, have access keys or have bad suggestions. But the average is about 10 out of 20, which is good.

I'll be updating instance shortly with this change which I think others will find it useful too.


Manuel R. Ciosici said...

Pe când ai timp, eventual și o opțiune de modificare / adăugare a sugestiilor în timpul aprobării în masă.

Works great, în rest.:)

华少 said...

Hi Alex,
I installed 0.9.4 and found the mass approve permission in the role management page. but I can't find the mass approve button by following your steps.
Does it included in 0.9.4 or not?

Alexandru Szasz said...

0.9.4 includes mass approval.

If you change permissions or role for a user, that user needs to logout and login again.

There should be a button on the text lists.