Saturday, January 17, 2009

Narro 0.9.3 is out

Here goes another release. It wasn't the best time to release as there are many things to add, but the 0.9.2 version was getting too old and the trunk version is used without problems on two working installation, so things were stable enough.

I'll highlight the most important additions in this release:
  • permissions are grouped in roles now, which makes user management easier
  • "validate" changed into "approve"
  • you can export the unapproved suggestions based on several criteria, like the most voted ones, or your suggestions
Download from the project page:

For the next version, I'd like to create customizable import and export sources that will allow you to get the translation from CVS and post it back to CVS for example. With this step, a general cleaning and improvement on messages on the import/export side will come so people that experienced problems with different php installations should be a little happier with the next version. I myself and a few others will be happy as well to publish their changes directly to versioning systems.

As always, feel free to suggest ideas or report bugs about Narro.

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