Thursday, June 12, 2008

RSS Feeds

At last, hundreds of texts and translations are ready to invade your feed reader !

For starters, there are two feeds, one with new texts that are added and one with new translation suggestions.

It's simple, there's just a link to the Narro installation.

Now I need to create a new page in Narro that allows you to see all original texts, no matter what project, a button to show all the suggestions, and a button to show all the projects that use a text.

After this, I can tie the RSS articles to this page.

And of course, add more and more feeds; who needs email anymore ?!

Until you wait, you can still subscribe to the current Mozilla translation feeds to see what new texts are added, no matter if you're using Narro or not for translation.

And you can subscribe to receive the translation suggestions.

Try it on the installation from

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