Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time stamps on actions

Adding time stamps in Narro kept me busy lately. Some users wanted to see the latest added suggestions. I wanted to move forward to provide RSS feeds with this kind of data. Like a feed with new untranslated texts. Or even a feed with new suggestions added.

So from now on, every type of user data that is added to the database is time stamped. There's a created field and a modified field. There may be a need of history in the future, but that's another table's job.

So what's next?

I'll have to add options to filter texts/contexts/suggestions by date.
The possibility to add comments to suggestions, contexts and texts.
Glossary maintenance and linking terms to texts.

Why isn't there a version you can install and use yet?

I wouldn't be able to handle all the feedback that this would generate. I'd rather lay low and let the small group of Romanian translators handle the testing and in time I'll have a stable product. Because you don't want another Pootle, do you ? You have that. But you want a complex application that allows you to manage your translation community better and faster. You're reading something I'm writing after 3 years of translating open source software. Be sure I know what's there.

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