Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Discussions where they belong, in context

I've seen many translation communities using mailing lists to discuss terms. This leads to an email account pumped with messages that you will or not delete and a web archive somewhere that most of the people I met don't use. So valuable information is often lost.

I'm very happy to have the possibility to discuss texts right in Narro. These discussions are tied to the texts and every time a new project uses a text that was previously discussed, the discussion will be shown on the translation page.

You can follow these discussions with RSS. If you're not using RSS, you better start to. It's better to read something when you want instead of having it delivered in your email when somebody else wants. If you're worried about offline access, don't be. Every major reader caches the articles for offline use. I recommend Google Reader if you're already using Google products. There are other interesting feeds also, so if you're using Narro, check these out. Just click on the feed icon in the location bar.

In other news, Narro supports OpenId authentication and version 0.9.2 is on its way.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the discussion about terminology shouldn't be tied to a translation.

Alexandru Szasz said...

@Anonymous: they're not. The debates are tied to the source texts.