Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sucess story

Firefox is closing up for RC1 and there's a lot of testing going on. I received a report that stated that on MacOS, the mac + Q combination didn't close the browser as expected.

So I immediately figured out this is about a command key, so I went off and looked in Narro 'Q' (the simple quotes do an exact search) in the original texts. Found it. It was translated as 'E'. Fixed it. Great, but I thought there might be more mistakes like this. So I looked up every context that has 'cmd' in it. Got 7 pages of command keys, access keys and texts. All I had to do is check each original text that has only one letter, remember I was looking for command keys. In the 7 pages I found about 20 command keys, checked them all. Now imagine how long would it take if I didn't have Narro.

With Narro it took 1 minute.

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